warm nose kisses and
gentle monday bliss,
pieces of you scattered in
my bones; my eyes
swollen with love,
wrapped, maybe trapped,
beneath those scarred arms.
throw the curtains over my lids;
crush my heart between your teeth.
that love is thick and lush,
marbles in my mouth:
a sleeping stupor wrestling,
waning and waxing,
pausing in judgement
picking the moment
in which to come out.

edges and ends

the edges of your lips huff, fluff, and bluff.
what is it that you hide from me?
help me understand.

cling to your sockets and
empty out your lungs;
tell me everything.
we yanked and plucked and
scrubbed and buffed
until the yard of my heart was pretty,
perfectly clipped and tucked.
what a vision I was to you,
a perfect little princess
all shiny and new.
what is it that I did,
to make you forget what I’d do?
anything, anything, anything for you.
I felt you embellish your tongue,
I heard you falter when
you’d tell me I’m enough.
I felt it coming, I knew it true
when you slit those threads
threatening to come loose.
still for you, I bleed, I bled –
for you, I still wait,
still you, I salute.


I wish I knew you; I’d run right up to you, and ask what to do. I’d listen to your truths, try to be less blue, tear at my flesh until it was all new – new. Our bodies pass and I swear I feel your soul jolt through me; it doesn’t matter what I’ve done, it just matters what we become. 

yet another 

we live, we eat, we die.
I sit and wonder why
you don’t love me
like you used to.
we love, we laugh, we cry.
my demons never pacified,
I birth myself anew.
hold and mold and fold this skin
to be perfect for you.

it’s raining.

no matter how much I stray,
no matter how much we change,
it’s funny how we manage to stay the same.

i think of you.

apathy pumps through my heart,
ecstasy turned anaesthetic;
a pathetic way to restart.

the thing about you and me –
all my broken pieces
fit so perfectly
into you.
I’m worried –
no one could ever
truly see me
the way you do.
it was a perfect dance,
they way you’d break my body
patch me back together,
leaving yourself
pressed between my seams.
I don’t know how to be,
all I am is you
all I am is you
all I am is you

you called me naive

I know you see me.

I know your soul
and I know your bones.
I know the prayers you make in the night,
and I know your need to be alone.
I know what’s wrong and I know what’s right,
I know we’ve been down this road.
where I found death, you found respite;
you live, you dream, you grow.

I shrink, I grieve, I die.
I want to make you sick,
and I want you to know;

your embrace was the perfect home,
and I’m angry that now I’m alone.

love me

don’t you want to take a dip into my daydream?

it’s so much better than reality.

there’s no need for formality,

just relax and let yourself free;

it’s better if you breathe and just be. 


let your fingers sift through my skin,

let your thoughts drift.

the sun will always rise again –

so spill your heart into me,

pour your soul into my sea.

the cup holding your secrets is starting to leak;
inhibitions are best set free.


after you left,
I descended into a hurricane.
it whips and snips my tired flesh,
a barricade of rain.
deep down, somewhere
I think I know the way out
but  I’m scared.
so every step forward
reels me back toward
that impending end.

I sink my teeth into the ground,
strip myself bare –
hunker and wait, let the wind howl,
our lost love my only rope;
our lost love to which I am bound.
I sink my hands into my heart,
rip myself void of air –
let the sky tumble ’round,
our lost love my only hope,
our lost love my only sound.