wishes & statements overheard

“the problem is, I loved him and I don’t know what to do with that -”

“wait for the one”

“- and, you’re the only person I’ll tell this to – I have guilt. Over my daughter. She was a wild child, I let her go. But she’ll come back… yeah, she’ll come back”

isn’t it sweet, their innocence?
there are eyes at the bottom of my coffee;
they’re screaming for me to save myself – how can I –
when I am borne of spite and bred in doubt?

all I want is to save their souls.
I don’t mind if mine gets left out

the second, for me

starved and parched,
I watch you glisten.
stitched and zipped,
all shiny and clean.
my heart skips
and I burst at the seams.
my flaws spill,
nerves teeming,
unraveling still.
your laugh rings
sharp and shrill:

I miss those things you sing.

how oft my soul you’d pry
tuck and snip and clip my wings

a masochist’s lullaby.

the first, for you

everything was dark and deep,

the moon pressing into my pores;

if only I could breathe.


the ghosts of your fingers linger,

and I wonder how long you knew,

if my heart was already on that string you drew.


the lips that once kissed this heart that weeps

now lays our love down to rest.

you’ve been crowned and I cry defeat;


still those cries I keep


all I have is one request:

give it your all,

all your best,

lest our love survives this test.